Week of April 23, 2023

Friday, April 21:
 There will be a Guild meeting at 3:00 PM in Legate Hall. 

We’ll be finalizing plans for Tea at Trinity that will be held May 13, 2023. All are welcome and encouraged to join us as we prepare for this fun and festive outreach event.

Saturday, April 22: Parish goal setting, continues 9:00 – 1:30. 

Sunday, April 23: Morning Prayer at 9:30with Mark Prouty, worship leader; Claire Holland, lector: Janean Faull and Kathy Madigan, altar guild.

Sunday, April 30: Eucharist service with Father Christian; lector: Kathy Madigan; acolyte: Hannah Maxfield; altar guild: Joan Faull and Janean Faull. Service will be followed at noon by a birthday celebration for Father Christian. He will grill meat and others are requested to bring a dish to share. Trinity Platteville is invited to join us.

NOTE: Please start gathering items for the upcoming Rummage Sale, May 18-20. Drop off begins Sunday May 14 at Legate Hall.

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