Creation Care Committee

  1. Trinity’s Tamarack

The Creation Care Committee (CCC) was formed in 2017 to manage two grants: a diocesan community development grant and a stewardship of creation grant from the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church. Projects completed  include a Wild & Scenic Film Festival, a rain barrel initiative where we sponsored a Department of Natural Resources professional  and installed thirty rain barrels in our community, a weekend visit from Father John Floeberg of Standing Rock, a extension of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival to area school children at the local Opera House, and a weekend visit from Abenacki storyteller Joseph Bruchac.

In 2019 we designed and developed a 150 square foot rain and butterfly garden, sponsored an environmental film fest for area school children, and sponsored free environmental movies in our church hall space for the wider community and for Trinity, complete with popcorn.  In 2020 we were limited to outdoor work, yet sponsored a free to schools virtual environmental film fest  for schools from Madison to Dubuque. In Spring of 2021 we have had two Spring clean up mornings of our grounds, the free virtual environmental films for local schools, and a Rogation Service. The rain-pollinator garden is now a registered Monarch Way Station

Several guiding ideas include 1. outreach beyond the walls of Trinity into the community, 2. establishing for the Mineral Point community that our turn to be stewards of the creation is NOW,  3. recognizing and explaining that science and religion are welcome partners, and 4. that marketing, advertising, and a social media presence can be part of our parish’s identity and growth

Trinity’s Tamarack

Watch and listen to UW-Platteville Dendrochronologist Chris Underwood describe how he will determine how old the Trinity Tamarack tree actually is. We have ideas and educated guesses, but this way we’ll know for sure. Check out our Facebook Page and enter in your guess!


God of creation, we meet You here

in colour and scent, texture and pattern,

the humble perfection of all that grows.

Out of our restlessness we come,

to still our minds and open our senses to beauty.

In Your name we cherish the web of life,

light and shadow, bee and butterfly,

the shy birds that return when we leave.


Bless this land, bless its soil.

Our hands, our tools be blessed,

our toil and our rest.

From seed to leaf,

from flower to fruit,

Bless the garden, bless the growers.



from Celtic Daily Prayer, Book Two